On this page you will find details of all people that help us to achieve the goal and to make your homes beautiful and cosy.

Ann & Bruno
Exclusive fabrics and wallpapers from leading companies like : Jagtar, Charles Burger, Beacon Hill and many others.

Arte is known for its passion for beautiful wall coverings. Arte coverings are varied in style. From the most sumptuous classic interiors to the minimalism of avant-garde interiors. Arte has a wide range of refined products for all tastes.

Pierre Frey is no ordinary company: it is a French maison de luxe – a luxury design house –, an inspirational, family-owned business with a proud tradition which looks towards the future.

Pieter-Jan Peeters brings mixed media on canvas. His art is a combination of classical techniques such as drawing, painting along with photography and digital image editing. Nothing is made in one emotion, but goes through different graphical steps which are necessary for him to examine his subject and to find its essence. The compositions are digitally printed on canvas and sometimes finished with oil paint.

Beacon Hill
Robert Allen is the leading fabric house of the interior design community. Our creative tradition of exploring the directional trends of color and its subtle nuances ensures carefully chosen palettes that are at once comprehensive and selectively edited.

Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill brings exclusive, finely crafted fabrics to the interior design community. Inspired internationally and designed for luxury, the offerings are truly one-of-a-kind.

Beacon Hill has a tradition of using refined materials, an opulent color palette and sophisticated constructions to provide understated elegance for those seeking a gracious style of living.

Walter Godyn
Walter Godyn, the artist from Maasmechelen (Limburg, Belgium) creates his sculptures, objects and “paintings” (tiles connected with wire) in ceramics. He studied this material for four years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genk, followed by various workshops in Genk, Gent and Schoten.

In his work, Walter strives for beauty and perfection. The recognizable shape and titles of his sculpture, therefore, are less important to him. He leaves that to a visitor, to imagine a name for it. Being a member of the art group MAKK, Walter exhibits on a regular basis with this company, mostly in his home town or nearby.

Zeljko Seles
Croatian painter, Željko Seleš, is exhibiting all over the world.

His beautifully colored oil-on-glass paintings, picturing idyllic country-scenes, are strongly inspired with the works of the famous School of Naïve Painting. But … there is more to it.
Some motives he paints nowadays, such as an empty chair in the garden, or a swarm of fishes flying through the city, are certainly new in this tradition and carry a strong personal touch of the artist. Feeling for nature and the huge pallet of colors make Zeljko’s paintings pleasant for the eye and are radiating with peace and harmony.